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Pauline Reeves Gallery Featuring Our Temporary Exhibits


Edison & Ford Traveling Exhibit

Edison & Ford in Southwest Florida - a traveling exhibit on loan from the Edison & Ford Winter Estates. We have augmented the exhibit with a collection of rare photographs of Edison, Ford, the families and friends camping in the Everglades.


Friends of Southwest Florida

Both men were nature lovers - hunters, fishermen and all-around outdoorsmen. They enjoyed exploring the Everglades not only because of its unparalleled natural beauty, but as a potential source for domestic rubber. Edison’s south Florida experiments in his Ft. Myers laboratory would eventually yield a solution to that quest.


Also on display is a 1904 Edison cylinder phonograph (that allows visitors to hear a sample recording) and an assortment of vintage postcards and photos - including one of Barron Gift Collier with his friend Thomas Edison (in oval frame).